Share your extra fruits and vegetables with your friends and neighbors

Using Fruits Exchange is free and easy. It works like classified advertising. You post a listing describing the excess produce you have and what you'd like in return, and then you wait for a response...
Read the steps below to learn more about using Fruits Exchange and how it works.

1. Create your free listing and list your surplus fruits and vegetables you would like to trade

2. View listings from your neighbors

Simply enter your city or zip code and see what your neighbors have available. View all listings near you (based on your zip code) and filter the listings on the browser using filter criteria

Read below for rules, legal stuff, and other things you should know

Buying, selling, and trading homegrown produce, extra seeds, and plants is a great idea, but there are a few rules and other things you need to know before you get started:
Licenses: Some states, regions, and localities require a license or permit before you can sell or trade your excess homegrown produce, seeds, or plants. Others have no such requirements. Please check with your local authorities and your state to be certain you are in compliance with state and local laws before using Fruits Exchange. This is your responsibility. Fruits Exchange makes no claims regarding any required permits, licenses or regulatory compliance by a buyer, trader or seller. Each party is responsible for complying with the regulations that apply to them.
Taxes: Trading across state lines may subject you to state taxes. Also, many states include sales tax for trades equal to the market value of what the produce is worth. Fruits Exchange makes no claims regarding any taxes individual buyers and sellers may be responsible for. Please check with your local authorities to determine if you are subject to taxes on trades or sales.
Quarantine zones: Also, check with your state's Department of Agriculture to be certain you are observant of any quarantine zones that may be in effect in your area. This is your responsibility. Fruits Exchange does not promote and is not responsible for any violation of quarantine regulations by a seller, trader, or buyer. Fruits Exchange does not control sales and/or trades and therefore has no ability to regulate the individuals who utilize this site. Transporting produce, plants, seeds or other products regulated under quarantine regulations is a violation of the law, so please conduct yourself accordingly. Because of different quarantine regulations on a state by state basis, we recommend you don't trade, buy, or sell with people outside of your state and/or county.
Pesticides: If you are concerned about pesticides, please ask the people you swap with or buy from if and what pesticides they may have used. Fruits Exchange is not involved in the actual transaction between buyers and sellers and does not take title or ownership to any products listed on this site. We are not responsible for any pesticides or harmful agents that may have been added to produce at any time including before, during, or after harvesting.
Liability: Please be aware that any produce or other items you offer or acquire via the site are offered or acquired at your own risk. Fruits Exchange is in no way responsible for goods or services listed on the website by users.
Prohibited Items: Fruits Exchange is intended for the buying, selling, and trading of homegrown produce only. Posting meat, eggs, dairy products, or any illegal items is prohibited and a violation of our Terms of Use.
US Only: Fruits Exchange is intended for local use within US communities and prohibits members from importing or exporting food into or out of the United States through use of the site.
Please read our Terms of Use for more complete information and rules for using Fruits Exchange. If there is a conflict, the Terms of Use supersedes anything written here.
Finally, please visit our FAQ to answer any other questions you may have on how Fruits Exchange works. You can also contact us with any questions or feedback. We're always happy to hear from you.